Welcome to my guest post series: A Day In Private Practice. Meet Psychotherapist & Couple Counsellor Melissa Ferrari.

Psychotherapist, Couple Counsellor and Channel 9 Couple Expert, Melissa Ferrari, runs a private practice in Sydney from the gorgeous Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont. She has worked for nearly 25 years with individuals in long term psychotherapy and couples from all over the world. Melissa uses a range of proven approaches in her practice to help couples heal and reconnect. A Clinical Member of the Australian College of Relationship Counsellors and PACFA College of Psychotherapy, Melissa is one of the few therapists in the country to have received training from the world’s most renowned pioneer in couples counselling, Dr Stan Tatkin, founder of the PACT Training Institute. She has used this innovative Psychological Approach to Couple Therapy for over 8 years, is trained as a Level 3 PACT Therapist, a PACT Level 1 and 2 coach, is a PACT Ambassador and brings together other therapists for group supervision internationally. Melissa is also is a couples trauma therapist at Trauma Warriors. Known for her warmth and engaging personality, Melissa’s ability to identify and help people work through many of the key issues facing couples today has had a profound and transformative effect on many of her clients’ lives. She has helped thousands of individuals and couples gain insight into their relationship problems, resolve ongoing conflict, re-create sexual connection and work towards maintaining and developing a secure functioning relationship.

A Day in Private Practice with Melissa Ferrari

7am: Coffee On My Deck

My day starts by sitting on my deck in Pyrmont, overlooking Johnstone’s Bay, with my homemade latte from my coffee machine. I LOVE my coffee and I sometimes sit and dream that I am an up and coming new age barista 🙂

7.30am: Walk & Workout

I take my gorgeous cavoodle Milo for a very brisk walk just before I meet my personal trainer Francis at 8am for my workout. It energises me and prepares me for the day ahead.

9am: Get Ready

I get ready for the day with a hot shower and some breakfast; usually poached eggs with multigrain bread. And of course… another homemade coffee by this up and coming barista known as “me”. I usually talk to my Personal Assistant Joanne around this time and she prepares me for any information I may need for the day, particularly with new clients.

Channel 9’s Today Show & Today Extra Guest

If it is a day that I am a guest on Channel 9’s Today Show or Today Extra, my schedule is a little different: 6.30am: Hair and make up. 8.00am: Review segment for the day in the green room. 9.30am: Get ready for my segment usually with David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffries. We cover all kinds of topics to do with relationships for singles and couples alike. This is definitely one aspect of being a Couple Therapist that I enjoy immensely. I have been on Today and Today Extra for 6 years now and I really feel a part of the wonderful team at Channel 9. I have a bright and bubbly personality and being in the “limelight “on TV is an honour for me. Some of the topics we have covered are: empty-nesters, how to take care of your relationship once children come along, how to manage your in laws at Christmas and the list goes on.

10.00am to 3pm: Client Appointments & Lunch

I may start with one or two individual clients on Zoom sessions and then make my way to my office which is only a short five-minute walk from my home. I meet my couple for the day where I work with them in an intensive style session for about 2.5 to 3 hours.

My office is set up PACT style (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) with rolling chairs for both the couple and myself, as this gives more flexibility in terms of helping the couple to engage rather than sitting on a couch just looking at me.

I usually enjoy a light, late lunch with some chicken and a yummy salad that I have created for myself.

3.30pm – 5.30pm: Notes & a Nap!

I do my file notes at this time, take my dog Milo for another short walk and then have a little afternoon nap. Growing up in an Italian family, having an afternoon nap is the order of the day – we often refer to this as a ”siesta” or “pisolino”.

6pm: Dinner

I usually have something like an eye fillet steak with a home-made Caesar Salad.

6.30pm: Clients

I take the short walk back to my office on Jones Bay Wharf and see another client or two.

9pm: Me Time

I catch up on any shows I have missed or watch a movie or documentary on Netflix. My favourite shows are First Dates or something more recently that I found intriguing was The Tinder Swindler documentary. You will also often find me chatting on the phone to a friend or to family members as I love a good phone chat. After that it is off to bed!

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