Inner Child Trauma Course

The Inner Child Trauma Course, Psychosynthesis training and workshops are continued professional development for psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, psychologists, mental health workers, psychiatric nurses and alternative health practitioners. Participants are expected to have a diploma or above, in a relevant field to participate in courses at Psychosynthesis.Online

Psychosynthesis Transpersonal Trauma Training

Educational, practical and experiential online courses and workshops for developing Psychosynthesis clinical skills, tools, personal and spiritual insight. 

These courses are for practitioners with previous training in mental health and require an application process.

These ZOOM workshops and online courses are the fundamental methodology of Psychosynthesis as an integrative, holistic and eco-soma-social-psycho-spiritual model of the psyche. They are of particular interest if you or your clients are attempting to understand and integrate relational, personal, existential and spiritual experiences, dilemmas & traumas. They provide a solid framework for finding a sense of value, meaning and purpose out of life suffering.

Inner Child Trauma Course

This Inner Child training is based in the psychology of Psychosynthesis and is one of 6 core personality models that we use working with clients. Many other schools of thought, including IFS have based their models on Psychosynthesis theory and practice.

In this training, we will explore experientially,

  • The Psychosynthesis Inner Child model
  • Who and what is the Inner Child?
  • A transpersonal/psycho-spiritual approach to developmental trauma
  • Child of history versus the Child of Self
  • 5 other psychology schools of thought to working with the Inner Child
  • Working with the child in the past, the present and the future
  • Tools and techniques for connecting with and healing the child within, including visualisation, journaling, art & nature therapy

This Inner Child Trauma course requires professionals to submit short journal entries as part of the certification process.


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Why Train in the Inner Child Trauma Course with Jodie?

I have worked with the Inner Child for nearly 30 years – firstly in my personal therapy with a Psychosynthesis psychotherapist, in experiential group work throughout my psychotherapy training, and in private practice with trauma clients since 2001. I have studied many different versions of Inner Child therapy over the last 25+ years, including Jungian, TA & Internal Family Systems. In my version of the training, I take an eco-soma-psycho-social-spiritual approach. You can see some of my personal Inner Child art journaling work at my Trauma Warriors website.

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Jodie Gale

Jodie Gale MA. is the founder of The Psychosynthesis Centre, Trauma Warriors TM, The Soul Sessions with Jodie Gale Podcast and Jodie Gale Soul Centred-Therapy for Women. She is a on the College of Psychotherapy Leadership Team at PACFA, is a Clinical Supervisor, Private Practice Business Coach, Trainer, Facilitator & an Eco-Psycho-Spiritual Registered Clinical Psychotherapist® on the Northern Beaches of Sydney & online. Jodie has 20+ years of experience in private pay, private practice and has built 2 thriving practices - in London and then home in Sydney, Australia. Jodie is passionate about putting the soul back in to therapy!
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