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Do you want to build a thriving practice whilst supporting National Psychotherapy Day? Then my Therapist Blog Challenge is for you!

National Psychotherapy Day writes,

“Psychotherapy has an image problem.”

Despite the fact that therapy is an effective, economical, natural, and meaningful way to improve lives, fewer people go.

Why is this?

There’s a stigma against people who seek therapy.  Therapy and therapists are depicted as a farce on screen. Big Pharma spends billions selling the quick fix of medication, while individual therapists compete with one another for clients. And those are just a few reasons of many.”

Since 2012, followers of National Psychotherapy Day have been promoting the profession by

  • Sharing therapy effectiveness research
  • Donating time and/or money to support low-fee counselling centres
  • Giving constructive feedback to therapists
  • Talking and writing about therapy to fight stigma, and
  • Wearing turquoise on September 25th to show support

National Psychotherapy Day Therapist Blog Challenge

This year I am running a National Psychotherapy Day Therapist Blog Challenge for counsellors and psychotherapists. This challenge is to help therapists promote their private counselling and psychotherapy practices and the evidence / benefits of psychotherapy to the wider public.

Blogging is a great way to create regular content on your website.  In 2013, blogging literally turned my practice around – it also gave me a voice to promote psychotherapy within Australia and around the globe. I took part in two therapist blog challenges, the Julie Hanks Therapist Blog Challenge and the Australia Counselling Blog Challenge with Clinton Power.

Participating in a therapist blog challenge and creating blog content has the following benefits:

  1. Reduces therapy stigma and promotes the benefits of psychotherapy to the public

In line with National Psychotherapy Day, blogging about therapy helps to reduce stigma and provides an arena to educate the public about the benefits of psychotherapy.

  1. Adds value to your website

Blogging provides a resource centre for your clients and the public.

  1. Networking with colleagues

Private practice can be isolating – participating in a blog challenge builds a sense of comradery and the potential for building a referral database.

  1. Keeps you up to date with the latest research

Blogging helps therapists stay in touch with the latest news and research within the field.

  1. Builds writing confidence

Many therapists mention to me that they are scared to put themselves out there, that they aren’t great writers – I was one of these therapists. It’s time to put yourself out there; you are not serving the world by keeping your knowledge to yourself! Go for it – you will get better in time.

  1. Higher ranking on Google searches

Creating up-to-date content will help your website rank higher in Google. Many therapists report ranking higher in Google searches within 6 months of blogging.

  1. Increases client inquiries

Fresh content and higher Google rankings will increase your visibility to potential clients. Having great content on your site will also give potential clients a feel for who you are. Many client over the years credit my blog posts for reaching out to me for therapy.

  1. Professional credibility

As therapists, we have a wealth of knowledge to share. Blogging helps to raise the profile of our profession. Blogging can also raise your profile as an expert in the field and as the go-to professional for your area of expertise.

  1. Creates job opportunities

Within the first year of blogging, I was contacted by many online and print magazines, radio stations and an outpatient eating disorder treatment program. Start blogging – you never know who might be reading!

  1. Provides a sense of power and effectiveness

Blogging regularly is a great way to own your power and to take responsibility for the growth of your practice. Many therapists report feeling a sense of hopelessness, particularly in Australia in relation to counsellors and psychotherapists not qualifying for Medicare rebates for their clients. Changing your mindset and practicing from a place of generosity, abundance and sharing your gifts – rather than from a place of lack – can result in a thriving practice. What have you got to lose?

How to participate in the National Psychotherapy Day Therapist Blog Challenge

  • Join me and the other therapists participating at Opening the Door on Private Practice Facebook Group
  • Watch for my suggested blog topic in the first week of each month between now and September 25
  • Write your post in your blog on your website
  • Share your blog in the Facebook group blog thread and on your social media pages by the 3rd week of the month
  • Add the #tags: #NPD2019 #TherapyRocks
  • Send me your blog URL to [email protected] and I will create a monthly round-up of blog posts to share with my 10, 000+ email list and social media followers
  • Share the love by sharing  your colleagues’ blog posts
  • Have fun!

Did you miss this blog challenge but would like to participate? Join us at Opening the Door on Private Practice and participate in my 52 week private practice building and blog challenge.

Jodie Gale

Jodie Gale

Jodie Gale MA. is the founder of The Psychosynthesis Centre, Trauma Warriors TM, The Soul Sessions with Jodie Gale Podcast and Jodie Gale Soul Centred-Therapy for Women. She is a on the College of Psychotherapy Leadership Team at PACFA, is a Clinical Supervisor, Private Practice Business Coach, Trainer, Facilitator & an Eco-Psycho-Spiritual Registered Clinical Psychotherapist® on the Northern Beaches of Sydney & online. Jodie has 20+ years of experience in private pay, private practice and has built 2 thriving practices - in London and then home in Sydney, Australia. Jodie is passionate about putting the soul back in to therapy!
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