A Day in Private Practice: Meet Counsellor & Psychotherapist Kylie Lepri

Welcome to my guest post series: A Day In Private Practice. Meet Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Couples Therapist, Kylie Lepri.

The team at Kylie Lepri Counselling are all registered Counsellors and Psychotherapists. They specialise in Individual, Relationship and Family therapy, providing support to clients all over Australia.

Kylie Lepri is a registered counsellor, psychotherapist, couples therapist, PACFA: Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia clinical supervisor, and training consultant. Kylie has been in private practice for almost 20 years and has built a successful private practice twice over. She is very driven and inspired by the work of counsellors and psychotherapists, and hopes to continue expanding her team to spread the name and value that the profession provides and deserves. She has a broad range of qualifications and experience, including consultancy and training in a variety of large private and public organisations. 

Kylie also offers online individual and group clinical supervision to students and established therapists where she loves to share her knowledge and experience through the joys and pitfalls of being a therapist. Along with sharing insight to supervisees, Kylie loves to share her experience and knowledge with a cyber audience, publishing monthly blogs on areas of growth, tribulations, experiences, and hot tips for building a more balanced lifestyle. 

While Kylie has spent the majority of her career as a psychotherapist and has helped many individuals and couples work through life stressors, Kylie’s passion has significantly grown over the past ten years in working with couples where she now spends most of her time. In helping couples create more secure and meaningful relationships, Kylie supports the Gottman method and aspires to learn all things couple related.

Outside of her work, most of her time is spent with her beautiful family; her husband, two kids, their dog Chewie (star wars enthusiasts) and their latest family members (and much needed according to the power point presentation provided by their kids during lockdown): two guinea pigs, Dusty and Oreo. She also enjoys walking, watching movies, travelling, and spending time with friends.

A Day in Private Practice with Kylie Lepri

6am: Wake Up & Move My Body

My day begins at 6am. On any normal day I’ll wake up and go for a walk at around 6:15am, or occasionally I’ll attend a Pilates class. Pilates is a great way to feel stretched, fresh and ready for the day.

7am: Breakfast & Get Ready for the Day Ahead

Upon returning home at 7am I wake up my kids, who aren’t so little anymore so I should say teens! We will all eat breakfast together, while I make their lunches for school at the same time. The multi-tasking never stops! I try to have a healthy breakfast, whether that be a shake, a serving of eggs or a spinach quiche. 

We then all get ready for our days: the kids get ready for school, I get ready for sessions. Whether I’m working from my home office for online sessions, or if I’m going into my Bella Vista office for face to face sessions, I get myself ready and prepare for the day. 

9am: Counselling Clients at the Bella Vista Office

For a day in our Bella Vista office, I have a short drive of just 15 minutes. I get into my room and get situated, while clients begin to come in at around 9am. In this post COVID world we live in, my sessions are balanced between online and in person, which has been a great experience and works well for my family.  I look forward to my office days where I get to catch up with fellow members of staff or colleagues. On the days I’m working from my home office, I can zip around the house in between online sessions to hopefully put a load of washing on or get a head start on the dinner preparations.

1pm: Lunch Break

I try to fit in a break around 1pm to have a quick bite and refuel for my afternoon. I focus on having a healthy lunch, usually making a salad; conscious to fuel my body with nutritious food to pick up my energy for the afternoon. In preparation for my afternoon sessions, I’ll squeeze in a quick cuppa and relaxing meditation to create some breathing space to recharge.  Sessions continue after lunch, and usually wrap up around 6pm. 

7pm: Dinner & Connecting with Family

When I arrive home, my family is waiting for me to have dinner. We sit down together and discuss what’s happened in our days, the kids always entertaining us with school tales. After dinner my husband and I might wind down together with a dip in the spa, enjoying the night air under the stars. Or we may sit around the table for a fun and very competitive board game which is always filled with silliness and laughter; one of my favourite ways to maintain connection with my teens.  And on the nights, we all just want to put our feet up, we’ll come together in our movie room for a bit of a Netflix binge session, enjoying our tv shows or watching a new movie. There are a few movie buffs in my household!

10.30: Bed Time

As the kids get ready for bed I may attend to a few final work matters, wrapping up the day or preparing for the next day’s sessions. With any luck I’ll be in bed asleep by 10pm, but it usually ends up being around 10:30pm.

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